>>> 1 / Attend the Membership Class

We think it is vitally important that anyone wishing to join Christ Community Church have a thorough knowledge of who we are. This course will cover the most important aspects of our church and hopefully answer any question you might have. Through this class, you will know what to expect from the leadership at Christ Community Church and also what will be expected of you as a member.

>>> 2 / Interview with an Elder

We believe that the biblical office of Elder is an important but often misunderstood part of church life. Our Elders are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the church but are primarily responsible for addressing the spiritual needs and responsibilities of church members. Because this responsibility is so great, it is important that an Elder be able to meet one-on-one with every potential member and begin building a spiritual relationship. In the event that an individual has not experienced believer’s baptism, this is an important step to take at this time.

>>> 3 / Sign the Membership Covenant

Every member of Christ Community Church must carefully read and sign the Membership Covenant. This document summarizes much of what has been presented in the membership class, including the rights and responsibilities of membership. Upon fulfilling the previous requirements and signing this document, you will be considered a member of Christ Community Church.